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Pay Less for College Webinar Series

Determining Financial Fit

How to complete the FAFSA Accurately and Effectively

How to Complete the CSS Profile Accurately and Effectively

Decoding and Comparing Financial Aid Award Letters and How to appeal your financial aid award

Now That Iíve Deposited, How do I Pay?

Now That Iíve Deposited, How do I Pay?
  • Live, interactive, convenient, private with time for your questions
  • Review your payments options
  • Evaluate your options – pros and cons
  • What if things change during the year?

Understanding College Costs and Financial Aid Desription
Once you have selected your school it is time to prepare for the eight term bills that will be sent to you over the next four years. In this session we will first show you how the financial aid awards that appear in your award letter impact the actual bills that you receive from the school. Then we will review the many non-financial aid payment options available to you and discuss the pro’s and cons of each.

Target Audience: Post Admission Senior

Schedule: May, June, July

Price: $49.99 - free with AccessApplied ™ Fee Waiver

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