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Webinar Offerings

Pay Less for College Webinar Series

Determining Financial Fit

How to complete the FAFSA Accurately and Effectively

How to Complete the CSS Profile Accurately and Effectively

Decoding and Comparing Financial Aid Award Letters and How to appeal your financial aid award

Now That Iíve Deposited, How do I Pay?

November 10 Determining Financial Fit8:30-10:00 ESTFreeRegister Now
November 14 Pay Less for College6:00-9:00 EST$99Register Now
December 7 Pay Less for College1:00-4:00 EST$99Register Now
December 7 Determining Financial Fit7:30-8:30 ESTFreeRegister Now
December 16 Complete the CSS Profile Accurately8:00-9:00 EST$19Register Now

January 9 Complete the FAFSA Accurately7:30-8:30 EST$19Register Now
January 12 Complete the CSS Profile Accurately7:00-8:00 EST$19Register Now
January 16 Complete the CSS Profile Accurately7:30-8:30 EST$19Register Now
January 19 Complete the FAFSA Accurately7:00-8:00 EST$19Register Now

Our Interactive workshops and webinars are different from other more traditional webinars you may have experienced. Our broadcasts are powered by technology from ilinc, a leader in online educational learning. ilinc technology allows you to see the presenter, enjoy high-resolution presentation material and most important, participate in live question and answer sessions. Because college costs and financial aid are complicated we allow a significant amount of time during each broadcast for Q&A.
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