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Pay Less for College Webinar Series

Determining Financial Fit

How to complete the FAFSA Accurately and Effectively

How to Complete the CSS Profile Accurately and Effectively

Decoding and Comparing Financial Aid Award Letters and How to appeal your financial aid award

Now That Iíve Deposited, How do I Pay?

Determining Financial Fit

In this session our experts introduce parents to the basics of college costs and financial aid.

This session introduces parents to the fundamentals of college costs and financial aid and helps them understand the different factors that contribute to the true cost of a college education. The topics covered in this presentation include:

  1. Paying for College - Where to start?
  2. Financial Fit - What does this mean?
  3. Financial Aid - What types of aid are available?
  4. Need-Based Aid - Who qualifies?
  5. Merit-Based Aid - Who qualifies?

At the end of this session parents will have a much better understanding of the specific challenges they face in paying for college and opportunities available to them for reducing the cost.

Price: Complimentary

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