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Pay Less for College Webinar Series

Determining Financial Fit

How to complete the FAFSA Accurately and Effectively

How to Complete the CSS Profile Accurately and Effectively

Decoding and Comparing Financial Aid Award Letters and How to appeal your financial aid award

Now That Iíve Deposited, How do I Pay?

How to complete the FAFSA
Accurately and Effectively
  • Live, interactive, convenient, private with time for your questions
  • Line by line guidance on how to accurately and effectively complete the FAFSA form
  • Avoid common mistakes and qualify for all the aid that you are entitled to receive
  • Reduce your stress and avoid paying a large fee to have this form completed
  • How to determine if you have "special circumstances" that effect your financial aid.
  • How to communicate your "special circumstances" to the financial aid office.

Understanding College Costs and Financial Aid Desription
In this session we will walk you step by step through the FAFSA Worksheet so that you will be able to easily and accurately complete this complicated form on your own instead of paying someone else a large fee to complete it for you.

Target Audience: Parents with Students in Grades 12 (and Students)

Schedule: December - March

Price: $19.00

If you have already completed the FAFSA, this session will help you verify the accuracy of your data and make any corrections that are necessary.

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