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Why Us?

Experts Help

Most people realize that it is a good idea to consult a professional when dealing with complex issues involving large amounts of money. This is especially true for a process where small changes can have a big impact on the cost of college for your family.

Choose Wisely

But how should you choose from among the growing number of “College Funding Specialists” and Certified College Planners” that are entering the college planning marketplace? Carefully.

As nationally recognized college cost experts who have many decades of combined experience as high-level financial aid professionals, we offer a combination of expertise and experience not found elsewhere in the college planning market.

While most “college funding specialists” or “certified college planners”, are financial planners, accountants or other financial services professionals who are trying to expand their core business practice by learning the basics of college financial aid, we are first and foremost college planning experts who have a comprehensive insider’s knowledge of college cost reduction strategies and financial aid policies and practices.

Avoid Conflicts

This is our core business and our core expertise, not just a hook for other services such as tax preparation, asset management or insurance sales. In fact, unlike much of our competition we don’t generate income from managing assets and earn no commissions from recommending any financial products such as educational loans, college savings plans or insurance products. While we will certainly educate you in all these areas as they relate to college cost reduction strategies, we will not sell you anything but our good advice.

There is certainly a legitimate role in this process for your accountant and your financial planner and we will often suggest that you discuss specific strategies with one or the other. However, it is a good idea to build some checks and balances into your college planning activities by consulting experts like us who are dedicated full time to these issues and who have no interest in selling financial products or managing assets.

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