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Resources for High School Counselors

With almost 80 years of combined experience counselor in the financial aid profession our team has a deep understanding of the challenges high school counselors face when trying to provide parents and students with comprehensive information on college costs and financial aid. We have developed programs and services that will help you help your students.

Counselors Help Line
Let us answer all your financial aid questions.
If you are a high school counselor with a question about college costs or financial aid email ContactUs@reducingcollegecosts.com or give us a call at 917-921-1910.

College Costs and Financial Aid Webinars

Let us help you plan and deliver a comprehensive college cost and financial aid curriculum that meets the needs of all your families at every grade level

We offer a range of Best in Class Information Sessions on College Costs and Financial Aid that will compliment and enhance the financial aid nights you already schedule.

We do not suggest that you drop your current financial aid night and replace it with one of ours. But we do suggest that you add our sessions to your offerings. Many of our webinars are free and they include important information not likely to be found in any other presentation.

Your parents and students will benefit greatly from hearing more than one perspective on the complex topics relating to college costs and financial aid.

Our sessions are web-based but live and interactive, making them easy for parents to attend and easy for counselors to administer.

Arrange a FREE webinar for your school.


RCC presents at 2010 RMACAC conference.

RCC presents at 2010 SACAC conference.

RCC presents at ACCIS 2010 Summer Institute.

RCC presents at 2010 PACAC Conference.


"And I can think of no better financial aid and college financing resource than the gentlemen at Reducing College Costs. David, James, and Jim are financial aid insiders. They know the institutions and the process intimately - in many cases they were instrumental in writing the policies that most colleges follow today. For the families at Pace Academy, I value their unique experience, seek out their expert insight, and trust their counsel implicitly.” More

Gavin Bradley
Director of College Counseling
Pace Academy
Atlanta, GA

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